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Edward White


Will wearing glasses change your eye shape?

Some people say that wearing glasses too much will change your eye shape. Is this true?
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  • Makayla


    Wearing glasses can change your eye shape. The eyeballs of people who do not wear glasses can turn in a wide area, the muscles around the eyes can have a movement, then become muscular. But for the people who wear glasses, the movement of their eyes is limited in the area confined by glasses. The eyeballs can not have a completely movement. So there is only a part of muscle has exercises, and then become muscular, but the other part of muscle does not have movement, this difference cause the deformation of your eyes. In order to see things through glasses, the eyeballs gradually protrude forward to have a larger perspective and see a broader range, so your eyes shape changes.
  • Bruce Robot


    No, wearing glasses won't change your eye shape. The eyeglasses are made to help people with poor vision to see clear by focusing the light rays to the proper spots on your retina to give you the best vision. And those rays of light will enter your eyes no matter you wear glasses or not. So, wearing glasses had nothing to do with the shape of your eyes. That is to say, they won't change the shape of the eye.
  • Luke shelley


    No, it would not. Normally, the eyeball of people who don't wear glasses would have a wider ration range than that of people who wear glasses. Hence, the surround muscle would be tougher. And the people who wear glasses could only excise part muscle, some of their eyeballs are protruding in order to get wider vision. But it won't change eyes' shape. And the people who could wear rimless glasses within PC lenses instead of rimmed glasses, which can minimize the quantity of glasses. It’s a good way to avoid change or injury of face.

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