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Kelly Dalton


how to order plano glasses online

I have no prescription in my eyes, if it is possible for me to order non-prescription glasses online? And how?
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    You can order plano glasses online. Just choose the reliable online optical stores and choose the just style you like and state clear that you use this pair only for fashion use, with no prescription on it. I have tried one of the online store, and it is quite afforfable, only $20 with shipping and it is almost the same quality with my last pair I spent $200 on,I am faithful to it and will never go to other stores any more,
  • Mya baker


    Ordering plano glasses is so easy online. 1. Choose your favorite frame. BTW, you can use Try-on System that online stores offer to try on any eyeglass frame you like. 2. Choose the purpose that you will use your glasses for. 3. Go to your shopping cart to confirm you order, and then proceed to checkout. 4. Choose method 5. Choose payment method