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Is presbyopia a combination of myopia and hypermetropia?

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  • 04/17/2012

    No,it is not . Presbyopia is common among people around 40 .As we age ,our eyes will have difficulty in automatically changing focus from seeing at one distance to seeing at another.So if you have to hold your book farther away in order to see clearly , this is an early sign of presbyopia. Hypermetropia and myopia is caused by the changing of the eyeball's shape and it is a refractive error of the eye where light from a distant /close object focuses posterior/prior to the retina.They commonly occur when we are young by not using eyes properly . They are quite different in formation principles.
  • Jordan smith


    No, the presbyopia is happened among the old people because of the old age. When people get old, they will find it hard for their eyes to see clearly at the near sight, especially when reading. They may need the reading glasses to help them see clearly when see the near things. This kind of eyes symptom is natural which could only be corrected to see clearly with the glasses.
  • carminerobert


    Presbyopia is quite different from your myopia despite they are both vision problems, but their impacts on your eyes could be different, such as the causes, the effects, the reasons ,of course the treatment,etc. So, it is ot a combination of myopia and hypermetropia. If you are not sure what your problem is , you need to take an eye exam.

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