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how much do rimless high index bifocal glasses cost?

I have strong powers in both of my two eyes but I want my bifocals to be rimless with high index lenses in order to make them lighter. How much do these bifocals cost? Can anyone give me some advices?
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  • 04/17/2012

    The price of high index bifocal glasses vary a lot depending on the brand and style you choose . You can get it quite cheap less than $100 from online stores .If you want the lenses to be as thin as possible , you are expected to pay at least $150 for it . My bifocal glasses cost $55 and they are quite convenient to use . But if you want a "hoity-toity" designer one , special coating , it can cost more than $300 ,I think .
  • duncan


    It depends on the place where do you purchase them and the brand you choose .Normally it would cost $100 for an ordinary pair .