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Alexia evelyn


What causes myopia? How to correct it?

I have seen so many people getting myopia. I just want to know what cause myopia? How to correct it?
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  • Justin clive


    Myopia is usually caused by a cornea that is steeper than a normal eye's which may because of the excessive reading and other close work.However,this can be prevented if you use your eyes correctly.If you have myopia, you should wear glasses or contact lenses to see clearly to prevent your eyesight getting even worse.
  • Desiree


    Myopia is caused by many factors. Some people get myopia due to the heredity.While some people get myopia may due to the usage of their eyes incorrectly. If you get myopia, you'd better wear glasses or contacts which will help you see clearly and prevent your sight getting worse.
  • walker_


    Incorrect use of eyes, long term working conditions in near distance, wearing the glasses of higher power.