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Mariah raphael


How to choose swimming goggles?

I want to get some swimming goggles to protect my eyes because I an going to swim regularly. I just wonder what should I pay attention before I buy them.Can anyone give some tips?
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  • Caroline giles


    First,you should choose whatever pair of swimming goggles that fit your head and you should feel comfortable when you wear them. Second,when you select your goggles, you should consider anti-fog goggles or anti-fog drops. Remember to make sure your goggles wouldn't let water leak inside if your goggles are strapped on. And your goggles wouldn't cut your skin, that is, you won't feel tight.
  • Kevin Lee


    You should check whether the lenses are comfortable and the nose bridge will hurt you.Then put the straps on to see whether the straps are too tight or too loose.If all of them are comfortable, you can get them then.