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What are the differences between clip-on sunglasses and prescription sunglasses?

I wanna buy a pair of sunglasses. Now I wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses and I am thinking if it is possible to make prescription on the sunglasses lenses so that I don't have to change between eyeglasses and sunglasses? Then I searched online and find prescription sunglasses as well as clip-on sunglasses can make that become true.What's the difference between them?
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  • Jerry, A


    The prescription sunglasses look almost the same with the common sunglasses but the prescription can be added on the sunglasses lenses. It is commonly used outdoors to prevent the UV rays and strong rays from hurting your eyes. So people usually have a back-up eyeglasses when they are indoors. But the Clip-on sunglasses have two parts, the clip-on sunshades and a pair of prescription glasses.They can be used both indoors and outdoors. When you go outdoors,you can turn down the clip ons to protect your eyes from the sunlight and UV ray; when you come back indoors, you can turn up the clip ons and see objects through the prescription eyeglasses lens. Tha't the difference,you can decide which one to choose by yourslef.
  • Caroline


    Clip-on sunglasses are eyeglasses made of two layers of lenses. If you take off the outside shades, it appears a pair of common eyeglasses that as you wear in usual. And the eyeglasses can provide your vision aids. When you in sun, you can put the out layer colored(usually it is a pair of black lenses) lenses on the eyeglasses. And out layer shades is for shielding your eyes from UV rays and strong light. While the prescription sunglasses is more charming than clip on sunglasses. From their appearances, the prescription is the some as the regular wraparound sunglasses. But the sunglasses are made of prescription lenses that can provide you both vision aids and eye protections. So, if have mild prescription, i suggest to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.