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Help!!! My dog licks the nose of my baby. Will this cause an eye infection?

My dog got a dose of rabies vaccine last year. I am pretty sure that he is quite healthy. But he licked the nose of my baby. And my baby rubbed her nose and eyes after that. Will this cause an eye infection?
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  • Marissa george


    You'd better visit an eye doctor with your little one immediately. Doctor will have her eye checked to see whether she got an eye infection or not. If she often rubs her nose and eyes after the dog licked her nose. She may get the bacteria into her eyes. Her eyes will become red and watery. There are many bacteria on animal. Though they are our best friends we must keep the baby away from them especially when the baby is very young. And we also should take dogs to have a shower every two days.
  • Samuel rodney


    If your baby got red eyes, you'd better take her to see an eye doctor immediately. Dogs may lick the face or hands of a person to show that they are friendly. And some people post this kind of images online. Many people take it as a common thing. I think this is a misleading. Animals carry with many bacteria on their fur or saliva. I won't let my dog lick my babies unless they are a few years old later.
  • Rebecca


    You need to pay more attention to it. Since dog carries a lot of bacteria on their fur or in the saliva, which will infect your baby's nose or eyes. Please let wash your baby's hands with tap immediately and notice it carefully. If there is unnormal, please take your baby to your doctors'.
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