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Why do i get styes in my eye all the time?

I often suffered from styes in my eyes. Why? What causes it? Is there anyway that can help totally get rid of it?
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  • coulisse_16


    Well, it can be normal to have eye styes in the eyes. And according to some researches, for the causes, eye stye is caused by some bacteria and allergies. So to get rid of them, you should make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria. Also, you can just have heating a piece of garlic, which will work wonders if done right. By the way, the tea bag which contains many different objects can do a good job to stye. so you can just try tea bag. First, you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. Just do this for a few times every day. After several days, it can relieve your symptom.
  • Andrea


    I think you must be quite annoyed by that problem with your eyes. It is true that styes would be very dangerous and troublesome to all of us, since it remains if we don't get proper treatment. The primary cause of it is inflammation and infection, which requires some antibiotic medications and antibiotic eye drops at the same time, you'd better consult a doctor and take actions afterwards. Hope you recover as soon as possible.