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Anthony arnold


High index progressive sunglasses?

I want to buy a pair of high index progressive sunglasses.My prescription is R -8.00, L -6.75. Should I buy 1.74 index with anti-reflective but not polarized lenses coating and tinted or 1.67 index with polarized lenses? Compare the two, which is better for me?
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  • Logan george


    Polarized lenses is used to prevent glares while progressive sunglasses are used to correct vision for different distance.According to your prescription, I think 1.67 index with polarized lenses are the better choice for you.
  • Jada shelley


    I know that there are high index progressive lenses like 1.67 progressive lenses and 1.74 progressive lenses. But i am not sure if the lenses can make into sunglasses. As far as i know that people with strong prescription are not suggested to wear prescription sunglasses. So, i think you'd better not buy high index progressive lenses. Maybe you can solve this problem in other way like wearing trifocal contact lenses with plano sunglasses. Anyway, you'd better get an eye examination and ask suggestions from an eye doctor. He/she will give you the best suitable suggestion on wearing high index progressive sunglasses.