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james Noah 


can I wear colored contact lenses if I have myopia and astigmatism?

I have both myopia and astigmatism, and have been wearing contact lenses for 3 years. But now I want to try colored contact lenses to change the color of my eyes, is there any colored contact for myopia and astigmatism?
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  • Christian evelyn


    Now that you have already been wearing clear lenses for the past 3 year, there is no impossible for you to wear colored contacts.People with vision problem can also have color contacts made based on their prescription but they should consult their ophthalmologist beforehand. The only thing you might have problems is that your eyes may feel dry, but if you aren't having that problem with your current contacts, it wouldn't be any worse with colored ones.
  • walker8016


    Of course you can . But consult your doctor first to make sure your eyes are in good condition for the colored contact lenses.
  • Rebecca


    Yeah, of course. Color contacts are available in both prescription and plano forms. The prescription contact lenses can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. So you just need to get your prescription written by a qualified eye care professional, you can go for your prescription color contacts.
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