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charles Tyler 


Can I wear contacts before eye exam?

I am going to have an eye exam today,and I wonder if it was ok to wear my contacts before that,will it make any difference?
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  • Jordyn carter


    Some doctor will suggest leave the contacts out for 24 hours before the exam ,but some say it is better for you to wear your contacts to the eye exam . That is really confusing . In my opinion , if you want your eye doctor to see how your contacts are fitting and make sure there are no further problems , you should wear them . If you want to know the real condition of your eyes , you'd better not wear them . If you are unsure ,call your doctor and ask his opinion .
  • Catherine


    You should leave them out for at least 24 hours to make the eyes go back to its original condition.
  • emkat_rodd


    If you are in doubt,why not call your doctor and ask for the most accurate answer?