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How long for jaundice to clear from eyes?

I suffered jaundice. It makes my eyes yellow. Can you tell how much time do i need to clear my eyes?
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  • neva taylor


    If you suffer the jaundice and get the yellow eyes, you may need to suffer about one month to make your eyes be clear under the condition of right treatment. The jaundice is commonly known as yellow disease which is a kind of serum bilirubin rise due to the skin mucous membrane and sclera. The yellow eyes are the signs and symptoms of some liver disease which you need to have a test for the whole body. The gallbladder disease and blood often cause jaundice. The symptoms are usually the blood bilirubin concentration higher than 2-3 mg/dL. The part will appear naked eye with discernible color. You may need to take the medical care. You have to have the good rest for the whole body. You should not use your eyes too much time. The good diet is also the necessary part for your life. You could eat more beef, fish and so on. At ordinary times can eat black kerneled rice sorghum glutinous rice and help in the digestion and absorption of food. Eat more fruits containing the food with much vitamin. You should have the good treatment and get recovery soon.
  • Muhammad


    I had Acute Jaundice (Hepatitis E) for three months. The my eyes are still little yellow but its slowly clearing. Eyes colors changes in last but the problem is the range of bilirubin. I had at max of 34 mg/dL which takes long to recover your skin.
  • Noah


    I can't tell the exact period of time to clear your yellow eyes because jaundice can be caused by various physical problems and there is no universal treatment for it. What you should do first and foremost is try to diagnose the real cause of the jaundice and apply corresponding effective treatments. It is common sense that jaundice is the result of high levels of bilirubin in the blood which further can be caused by rapid production of bilirubin, liver defect, blocked bile ducts, Hepatitis etc... Different causes of jaundice should be treated in different ways. For example, jaundice caused by Hepatitis can be treated by the use of antiviral medicines such as telbivudine, entecavir, lamivudine and adefovir dipivoxil. To conclude, in order to get your yellow eyes clear as soon as possible you have to detect the real underlying causes. And from now on live a healthy and positive life style. This is also very helpful to get rid of jaundice.
  • Anthony


    I can’t tell you exact period of time to get jaundice cleared. It depends on the severity of the disease, the treatment you get and the care during the period. Normally it requires two to ten weeks to heal up. There are several disease which might cause jaundice, including gallstone, virus hepatitis, septicemia and acute angiocholitis and so on. You see all of them are serious conditions that require timely and good treatment. I once got jaundice because of acute virus hepatitis when I was little kid. I had to spend one month fully in hospital to get treatment. My sclera and skin are very yellow and I was very thin during that period. You need to get good treatment from hospital so that you can get the jaundice cleared as soon as possible.
  • Karri Beane


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