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Can pepper spray cause permanent eye damage?

How to treat the eyes which were hurt by pepper spray? Or it will permanent damages the eyes?
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    When your eyes get the pepper spray by accident, it will be so painful for you at the moment. You could just use the water to wash it out until your eyes are clear. If your eyes get the large amount of the pepper spray in the eyes and not let it out, you may get the permanent damage on the eyes. But sometimes it will be ok for your eyes if you wash it immediately.
  • Matthew


    The pepper spray is a very irritant staff to your eyes. If you have some normal saline, you would use it to wash the most part of the pepper out of your eyes. Besides, a wonderful way for you to clean your eyes there, it would also decrease the pain. Please softly closes your eyes, and cough for a short while, the foreign material will get out mostly. Then prepare a large tub of water, and put your eyes under the water surface. Then, you can blink your eyes frequently after that. After all the pepper spray get out of your eyes, you can use a humid towel on your eyes to relief the pain feeling. It will get well soon. If there have no trauma, there will no permanent damages with your eyes.
  • Kelly gary


    Pepper spray cannot lead to severe eye problems. Eyes are one of weak organs in our body, which are easy to be hurt and get disorders. Pepper spray can make people feel eye irritation, eye pain and eye redness. Use a clean and warm cloth to wipe your eyes gently. A few minutes later, you can drop some basic eye drops to reduce irritation. But what you must keep in mind is no any rubbing and touching on eyes.