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Thomas keith


Does drinking eye drops really make you sick?

Are eye drops harmful if i drink it by accident? Am i gonna be sick?
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  • butt hole hurt


    i just drank half a bottle and i had explosive diarrhea
  • Lisa


    You may have such experience that the using eye drops may come into your throat. You will be sick. You could just drink more water to get the taste go light. Then you may feel better at the mouth. You could also eat something sweat to make you feel comfortable. The best way is to drink water to refreshing the taste in the mouth.
  • walkingwolf2004


    Some eye drops are made simply of a saline (salt and water) solution and are harmless if swallowed. But those eye drops, which contain dangerous ingredients such as tetrahydrozoline, boric acid, hydrochloric acid, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil and so on, are potentially harmful. In addition to, prescription eye drops, those you cannot get without a doctor's recommendation, meant to treat more serious conditions, are of ingredients more powerful and more concentrated, and they are more harmful than over-the-counter versions. If harmful eye drops are ingested, a person could experience blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, dangerously low body temperature, fluctuating blood pressure and even seizures. Under this situation, call a poison control center immediately. Tell the nurse when the drops were ingested and how much. Follow her instruction carefully and do not try to deal with the problem yourself.
  • erraticgothles


    There is no doubt that drinking eye drops can lead to body sick. But if you only drink a little by accident, it's okay. You should drink some warm water and stay fit. When something unwell happened, call for a doctor to help. While if you drink them on purpose, well, it is really not a good idea. Eye drops contain various chemical substances which can be easily absorbed by our body. Those things may do good to your eyes, but it does not mean they are useful for other organs in body as well. So be careful and put them away from kids.

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