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Isabelle garcia


Can vomiting cause yellow eyes?

Is it possible to cause yellow eyes because of vomiting? If not, what factors will cause yellow eyes?
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  • Richard M Fawcett


    Usually the vomiting seriously will only cause your redness of the eyes because of the strong stimulation of the eyes nerves. The yellow eyes are the main symptom of liver problems. In addition, if you suffer the jaundice, you may get the yellow eyes too. You'd better have the full check on the eyes and then take the in-time treatment.
  • cap081291


    Generally speaking, vomiting will not cause yellow eyes, because vomiting is typically caused by severe pain, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure and so on, and severe vomiting may just result in many other effects on eyes, such as swollen eyes because of high pressure on muscles, blood shot because of subtle blood vessels, pain in eyes because of muscle tensions, etc. While usually yellow eyes is a sign of a very serious disorder and disease that caused by gallstone and jaundice. Due to the accumulation of too much bilirubin put out by the liver, that's why your eyes become yellow. In addition, many other diseases such as cancer of the pancreas, bile duct obstruction, cirrhosis of the liver and sickle cell anemia can also can lead to yellow eyes. Therefore, if you suffer from yellow eyes, you'd better visit a doctor.
  • walkercub76


    Vomiting is the forcible voluntary or involuntary emptying of stomach contents through the mouth, which is often caused by viral infection, food poisoning, milk allergy, food poisoning, gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), an ulcer, or bulimia. However, it is hardly to cause yellow eyes. If your eye color changed, your iris may have something wrong. Because human beings eye colors are inheritance. It is impossible to be changed naturally. So you had better to receive thorough eye exam to determine the real reason for your condition. Plus, too much vitamin A is also source of become yellow.