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Carlos peters


Can i wear my prescription glasses when using computer? Will it protect my eyes?

I am nearsighted so i can easily read things that are close to me without the use of glasses but need glasses to see things in the distance. I don't want my vision to worsen and I heard that your vision can get worse if you don't use your eye glasses. I was just wondering if it is ok to not use the glasses when I am going to be reading for a few hours or on the computer. Thanks.
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  • Cassidy hall


    Now that you are nearsighted and only have difficult seeing things in the distance.There is no need for you to wear glasses when reading or using computer.It's not true that your vision will get worse by not wearing them. The main point you should notice is that after a long time reading or using the computer, yo should rest your eyes properly in case your eyes are overused and damage your vision.
  • Jean


    Yes, if your glasses have anti-reflective coating, you shall wear it to shield your eyes from computer radiation. In fact, there are type of computer eyeglasses that specially designed for people who spend lots of time in front of computers. Some people with perfect vision are wearing computer glasses to protect eyes. So, why not wear glasses when reading on computer? Besides, with glasses, it help you read computer screen more easily thus to release eye strains. From this point, wearing glasses when reading on computer glasses can stop your vision become more worse.

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