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Does iron deficiency causes eye bags?

I heard that iron deficiency can lead to eye bags. Is this true? Why?
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  • Connor nelson


    As we all know that having eye bags can make you look old and tired. While, there are many causes of eye bags, such as age, disease, etc. Most people do not know that shortage of iron in the body also can cause eye bags. That is because when the body lack of iron, oxygen cannot be properly transported by the blood, which would influence normal cell metabolism. When this situation occurs, eye bags would appear in our face. To avoid it happen, you can take the food which contain abundant Vitamin C, which assists with iron absorption.
  • carpediem__


    Yes, the iron deficiency may easily get the anemia which may cause the disorder of the eye nerves. That is why the iron deficiency causes the eye bags. You should eat more food with iron, like the meat, eggs and so on. You could also drink the milk with iron to complete the iron amount in the body. You could also do the warm compress to make your eye bags to release a little. You should also have the good rest every day which will be so good for your eye bags. You must not drink or smoke which will stimulate your eye nerves and intensify your eye bags. In a word, you should protect the eyes from both the good diet and good rest.

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