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Are dark brown eyes pretty?

Do you guys like people with dark brown eyes? Do you think they are pretty?
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  • Marc


    Yes, guys like people with dark brown eyes because this color is attractive and charming. They are pretty when owning the dark brown eyes. They will show the beautiful looks. The dark brown eyes will be attractive. That is why a lot of dark brown contact lenses in the market. They will bring the great charm for you.
  • williams


    As we all know, there are many colors for eyes. For example, in Asian, people's eye colors are most commonly black, and some rarely has gray and brown eyes; In Europe, most people have blue and green eyes. However, red eyes are hardly to be seen if you never wear red colored contact lenses, so people's appearance is quietly related to eye colors. Dark brown eyes are really charming and hot for me. I wish I could have dark brown eyes, however, it's just a dream. But sometimes I wear brown contact lenses to make a change because my eye color is black. Why I fall in love with dark brown eyes? I have a deep thinking and found out the reasons. That's because dark brown eyes can enhance my appearance when I put on white hats or yellow clothes. It makes me bright and mystery. If I wear red hats, my dark brown eyes make me hot and quiet. In a word, dark brown eyes are full of quiet and wisdom, at least I think so.
  • Caitlin owen


    Different people have different ideas, personally speaking, I think people with dark brown eyes are pretty charming. They seem to be very deep and knowledgeable. If you are a person with dark brown eyes, you should cherish your special eyes. People are beautiful because of their confidence, so be confident no matter what eye color of your eyes. However, if you want to try the other eye color, colored cosmetic contact lenses may be helpful.
  • Jordan owen


    As far as I can see, this is absolutely a subjective question, because different people would have different likes and dislikes and thus the answers would be various. But in my mind, dark brown eyes would be very mysterious, they are ok with middle-aged people, some people would of course be fond of them. I mean, you have to be yourself, not be what others expect you to be.