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Mackenzie raphael


Can wearing swimming goggles cause eye bags?

I heard that wearing swimming goggles cause eye bags, Is it true? It sounds really weird!
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    Well, yes, swimming goggles can cause eye bag under eyes. And it can be the common symptoms. Generally speaking, for people who want to go to swim, wearing a pair of swimming goggles can be helpful, for it will just protect your eyes from the dirty sea water. And in that way, your eyes may avoid getting eye irritation and eye infection. But on the other hand, by wearing swimming goggles in the water for a long time, they can also cause eye bags under your eyes. so you need to pay more attention to it.
  • Ana clive


    Usually when you go to swim, you need to wear the swimming goggles to protect the eyes from the infection because of the water in the swimming pool. It won't cause eye bags. If you got eye bags, you can try warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • walker03andrea


    That is incredible. As a matter of fact, wearing a pair of swimming goggles, if they are used in a proper way, would not give rise to any eye problems, let alone eye bags. Since eye bags is mainly resulted from aging or stress, etc, goggles have nothing to do with it. So you could take it easy and enjoy your water time. Of course it is weird so you don't have to worry, just choose a pair of nice goggles at Walmart.

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