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Crystal Purcell


Having trouble adjusting to glasses

I went to the eye doctor for the first time since I was a kid just over 2 weeks ago and was given a prescription for glasses: R -25 .50 125 L: -50 -75 70. I%u2019ve been having trouble adjusting to them and took them back to the store a couple days ago and found out that they needed to be adjusted as the person who made the glasses misread one of the numbers. That%u2019s corrected some of my perception issues but when I%u2019m at work (a lot of my work involves typing printed and handwritten notes into a computer system) I%u2019m still getting headaches and after a little while my eyes start to hurt and kind of burn, and my vision starts getting a little blurry. By the middle of the day my eyes seem to have trouble focusing on anything until I take them off for awhile, clean them a few times with the cloth they gave me and put them back on, but sometimes cleaning them doesn%u2019t seem to help. Also sometimes feeling a bit dizzy. Could my prescription still be a bit off? Is it still an adjustment period? Am I just not getting them clean enough? Or could it be something else?
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