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prakash kumar


Does mayopia cause blindness?

Iam 24 years old.I have mayopia. I have -3.5 degree of mayopia both of my eyes.This degree is not constant.It will changes.Now iam working as a software engineer.Iam Sitting 9hrs a day infront of the computer. I'am totally worried and curious that my mayopia can lead to blindness when i becomes older.Is there is any need to resign this job and leave computer profession? Really? Can you tell me how to prevent this from happening?
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  • Rechard


    I don't think you will be blind just because you have myopia and work in computer profession. However, your degree might increase in the situation you mentioned. What you should do is to protect your eyes by leaving your seat and looking at some thing in a far distance to relax your eyes. Also doing some eyes exercises will help. Finally, you should go to the eye doctor's often to get tests and buy the suitable glasses for you.
  • Zoe Wang


    Actually, the mayopia can not cause blindness. However, your working environment is not good for your eye, it may cause high degree. In that way, you need to pay more attention to your eye and get it tested periodically. More relax of your eyes will help.
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