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Julio G.


Does toys pose a high risk of children's eyes injuries?

My little baby likes to play toys. So I am always worried about the dirt will harm his eyes. Does toys pose a high risk of children's eyes injuries?
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  • Andrew hill


    Children are born with an underdeveloped visual system that grows with them. As part of normal infant vision development, newborns can see objects only up close, choosing the right toys for eye safety is a concern for every parents. Throughout their growing years, children are visually stimulated. Nothing stimulates a child's vision more easily than a toy.Keep in mind that most childhood accidents occur at home, many with toys. Children spend a great deal of time playing with their toys, so you need to make sure those toys are safe for overall health as well as eye safety.Usually when toys are not safe, it's because they are not age-appropriate for the child.
  • Melissa


    Yes. There are six kind of toys pose a high risk of children's eyes injuries. 1. Guns that shoot ANY type of projectile. 2. Water balloon launchers and water guns 3. Games that include toy fishing poles. 4. Toy wands, swords, sabers or guns with bayonets. 5. Aerosol string. 6. Laser pointers and bright flashlights.
  • Sara


    The study shows that thousands of children suffer eye injuries from toys. Too many eye injuries happen to children due to unsafe use of toys. Children always have so many kinds of toys including BB, pellet and paintball guns and darts. And there were more than 235,000 toy-related injuries treated in U.S. emergency rooms in 2008, nearly three quarters of those injured were children under age 15. So the parents should avoid purchasing toys with sharp, protruding or projectile parts, this includes innocent-appearing toys such as a popgun or a paddle ball set. Children should have appropriate supervision when playing with potentially hazardous toys or games.