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stephen raj


Sensation of eye shaking or pulsation in eye after cataract surgery


Mom had a cataract surgery on 3rd of Dec 2015 and there was no problem for 10 days, after that she fell down from chair and got hit on her left back of her head, after two days she was and still saying that her right eye ball is shaking but not the image what she sees in front. We suspect that lens might be displaced or there is a movement of lens when she moves her eyes or head. So thought of asking your suggestion regarding this.Please suggest us. Thanks in advance.
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  • erinpoo130


    The eye ball is shaking. This can be due to slight movement of intraocular lens. It can happen due to 1. Weak support over which lens is placed- Lens is placed over zonules in a bag. In some eyes, zonules may be weak 2. See an eye specialist immediately but don't get worried. Smaller amounts of displacements can be observed as these will not cause much harm. Larger amounts of displacements may need surgical correction & lens might have to be replaced with other variety. In your eye if the lens is in visual axis, we can observe it. 3. It will be better if you can mention whether its posterior/ anterior chamber or iris supported lens