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How do i wash a glasses cleaning cloth?

My glasses cleaning cloth are very dirty right now. Is there anyway to help me clean it? I want to use the cloth continually to clean my eyeglasses everyday. Please help.
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  • Carlos


    It can be simply said that you can just wash the glasses cleaning cloth in a normal way, but you had better to do it separately. That is to say, don't wash it with other clothing together. But, if it is chamois leather, one of good materials to wipe optical instrument and the things related eyes, maybe you do not need to clean it, and you can just throw it away. However, most of the sell at the market is false, it is not chamois leather but a man-made composite material.
  • Jose


    Eyeglass cloth is necessary for a man wearing glasses. But most of us do not know how to clean it correctly. Actually, it is very easy.Where I write the following steps: 1. Wash the cloth in cold water and use no fabric softener, because such cloths are often made of microfiber. fabric softener would dry the fiber. 2. Water the cloth thoroughly and remove any soap from it. 3. Let it dry. Then the cloth would look just like it did originally. PS. You should clean it regularly. If it is really dirty, throw it away. Buy a new one and wash it once a week.
  • rnene


    Step1,wash the colth in warm water with one to two drops of mild liquid dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. So use whatever one you have on hand. In addition,pay special attention to the temperature of the water. Warm is best.
    Step2.Rinse the cloth well to remove any soap from it. Wash the cloth by hand.than put the cloth air dry,The cloth will regain its softness.