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How much are glasses at hakim optical?

Is there somebody who bought eyeglasses at hakim optical? How much do they charge for a pair of prescription eyeglasses?
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  • Austin shelley


    If you want to know the cost of eyeglasses at hakim optical, the best way is search eyeglasses at their sites. They will give you a sign how much you may be charged. I just visit, the signs that they provide two pairs of eyeglasses at $199. From this point, it seems they are not expensive. But i think firmoo are more cheaper. At, you can see most of eyeglasses frames are sold about 30$, you can even get eyeglasses frames at 10$. Maybe, you can have a try.
  • charming_qtee


    As far as I know, hakim optical adheres itself to the purpose, which is, saving your money on fashionable prescription eyewear. So to say, it is quite right, when you decide to become its clients. Moreover, I am quite sure that you can find a lot of style there, and as a result you find the one you like most. But, you need to understand that the price of a pair of glasses is closely linked with a lot of factors. For example, prescription, quality, materials and the place where you buy, etc. You can go to their web page and have a look, the following is the web site,

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