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Do we really inherit eye colour?

I wonder if our eye color are determined by our parents? Will eye color really inherit?
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  • Brandon cook


    It can be said so, which is, eye color forms in infancy and remains the same for life. However, a small part of the adults, the eye color can change along with the growth of the age, obviously darker or lighter. Scientists say, the human eye color is decided by the front part of the matrix of melanin. For example, the melanin gets more content, the color of the human eye is much deeper or not. Moreover, scientists finally made it clear that cause people eye color change is the key of the genetic and trauma. That is to say, both of them can change the content of eye color.
  • smith


    Of course the eye colors are inherited from our parents. Not only eye color, but also height, appearance, skin color and many other characteristics are determined by our parents. A mom with hazel eyes and a dad with blue eyes, their baby's eye color could be hazel or blue. But if there is hazel gene as well as blue gene both in baby's gene, his/her eye color should be hazel. As brown is dominant over blue.