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Is shining a flashlight in your eyes bad?

My father ask me stay away from neon light. He said that such shining flashlight will hurt my eyes. Is that true? Will shining flashlight damage my eyes?
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    I suppose your father's request is helpful to your eyes. Indeed strong light, including sparkling neon light, is able to be harmful to your eyes. Because when you take in strong light, your eyes are totally expose to these light beams, which will seriously damage your pupil, even make you blind. I'm not gonna intimidate you, so you'd better not focus your eyes on those lights. By the way, do you find it interesting to stare at those lights without blinking? After all, you gotta pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Miranda hall


    Yes, to some extend. it is bad for your eyes if you exposure your eyes to neon light for a long time. As we know, the strong sunlight, glares and some reflective light from metal pierces will do harm to eyes and make you feel eye pain or tearing if you facing them. It is the same the above light, flash light can also causes such problems. So, you shall try not to stay in flashlight too long.