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Mackenzie rose


What are the dangers of wearing eyeglasses?

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  • Alyssa


    Most people are already aware of the most obvious drawbacks of having to wear glasses, such as distortion, reduced field of view, expense, poor appearance, inconvenience, reduced vision because of dirt or rain on the glasses, etc. However, they are not aware of the more serious results of increasing myopia.People who ask their doctors about the "spots" they sometimes see are usually not told that the problem frequently arises only because myopia has been allowed to develop. Furthermore, if the floaters are increasing in number, this could be a sign that the myopia has progressed to the point where degenerative processes are taking place at the surface of the retina, and the particles of material resulting from this degeneration are leaving the retina and passing into the watery vitreous. A large number of floaters can thus be a sign that a retinal detachment is about to occur.
  • carl


    By far the worst thing wrong with the wearing of glasses by myopes is the increased risk of serious eye problems in later years. The lack of preventive measures coupled with the prescription of stronger and stronger lenses causes the eye to stretch more than it was ever designed to do. The eye is capable of continuing this lengthening process until it literally tears itself apart! Of the three layers at the rear of the eye, the sclera (the outermost layer) and the choroid (the middle layer) are fairly elastic and can withstand considerable stretching without damage. However, the retina (the innermost layer) is fragile and relatively inelastic and will tear loose from its attachment to the choroid if the eye is stretched too much. This can happen slowly or spontaneously, as the result of a blow to the eye or head. Any overelongation of the eye increases the risk of retinal detachment in later years. Methods are available to try to reattach the retina, but they are generally unsatisfactory. Even if a successful reattachment is made, further elongation of the eye can result in a second detachment.Even if retinal detachment does not occur, high myopes are prone to various forms of deterioration at the rear of the eye (that is, to various forms of macular degeneration) resulting from the abnormal stresses caused by the elongation
  • Lara


    In fact. If you wearing eyeglasses correctly you will not have any dangers, and of course wearing eyeglasses will have some disadvantage, In some types of work (such as firefighting) or in active sports, eyeglasses may be unacceptable (although some athletes may wear prescription goggles during sporting events). Some people find eyeglasses inconvenient, uncomfortable, annoying (they tend to fog up in humid or cold environments, for example), or unattractive.glasses can be broken or lost. And once you get used to contacts there are very few disadvantages. I actually wearing contacts instead of wearing eyeglasses , i just want to say they are amazing and would recommend them to everyone.
  • exotic_scents


    More than half of the population wears some form of prescription eyeglasses. Most of these individuals are not aware that wearing eyeglasses poses some risk. The injuries from wearing eyeglasses among elderly patients aged 65 and over resulted from falls. The second highest category of eye related injuries were sports injuries. Not only the physical injuries but also the harm to your vision. For example, if you are myopic, your vision will worsen if you wear glasses because eyeglasses just help you to see clearly as a medical aid, it cannot completely cure your vision loss. So in conclusion, the most important solution is to take eye excise and naturally make your vision better.