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What are the best sunglasses for blue eyes?

My eyes are blue. Now, i am looking for stylish sunglasses. Can you give me some idea?
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    Actually, eyes color really matters little when you choose sunglasses in my opinion. No one can see your eye color under the sunglasses. Personally speaking, you need to take your hair color, skin color, face shape, and figure into account while you choosing. If you want stay in fashion, buy a pair of retro sunglasses with fancy color will never be out of date. Because most celebrated brands launched this kind sunglasses this year.
  • Warren


    Wearing sunglasses not only serves for eye protection but also for fashion. There exist a wide range of stylish sunglasses among which you should find the ones matching your blue eyes best. Eye color is an essential consideration for you in the process of choosing which type of sunglasses. If you choose an inappropriate one, even the most stylish sunglasses would look awkward on you face. Speaking of blue eyes, the basic guidance is not to choose those sunglasses in the colors that deviate a lot from blue. In other words, sunglasses in blue, gray or other similar colors are well matched with your blue eyes. The ones in white,red and yellow color obviously seem a little bit wired. As for stylish sunglasses frames, pick up those going well with your face shape, hair color and complexion.