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Marissa edward


What is the difference between tinted and coloured lenses?

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  • ryan


    Even contact lenses can make their own fashion statement. Soft contact lenses are available in a range of colors. You can have baby blue eyes for work and amber eyes at the weekend. With daily disposable lenses you get to wear them once then throw them away. There are other practical reasons for choosing these contact lenses too. These colored contact lenses are lightly tinted so you can find your lens if you drop it. These visibility tints do not affect the color of your eyes.These are darker, opaque tints that change the color of your eyes. Color tints come in a wide array of specialty colors, including amethyst, violet, and green. You will see plenty of these on the TV and at the cinema as they are very popular with actors and film stars!
  • b3phoenix


    Both are types of soft lens which are used to enhance or change the eye's colour. "Tinted" lenses are just that - tinted. This means they are good at enhancing light coloured eyes and can darken light eyes with brown or hazel tints. However, if your eye colour is naturally quite dark, then tinted lenses will have no visible affect on their colour. Instead you may need to use "Coloured" lenses. These have a special coloured pattern printed onto the lens which is opaque. In other words, you cannot see through the coloured parts to see the natural eye colour. Because of this coloured lenses change even very dark coloured eyes, and work very well on light eyes too. You cannot get tinted or coloured gas permeable lenses as they do not cover all of the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and so would not change the eye colour. A lot of new lenses - soft and gas permeable, now come with a "handling tint". This is not on the lens for cosmetic reasons, but to help you see the lens more easily and is not dark enough to affect most eyes.
  • Frank lee


    Tinted lens will dramatically change the color of your eyes regardless of whether you have light or dark eyes. the right tint can enhance vision and comfort at specific tasks, from in the office in front of a computer screen, to outdoor activities such as golf or skiing. Tints come in solids, gradients or double gradients, and can be a fun unique touch to your lenses. Compared with tinted Lenses, color lenses are more natural look. Available in daily, monthly and yearly prescription.Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for the entire day.