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How to treat small foreign objects in my eyes?

A black particle went into my left eye and this really makes my eyes irritated. Please tell me what i can do to remove foreign objects.
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  • Kaylee peters


    In general, our eyes can moisten by tears, which can make our eyes maintain a moist state. Once there are some foreign body get into your eyes, your eyeballs will be stimulated, and your will also have tears, at this time, you blink your eyelids, the foreign body can be rushed to the corner of your eyes, then you can use a clean handkerchief to get it out. You can also close your eyes, and use your hands pull your eyelids to make them have a gently vibration, which can make the foreign body wash out. If these methods can not help you, you can ask other people to turn over your eyelids, and find the foreign body, then use cotton swab gently wipe it out. If the foreign body is sticked to the cornea, you should go to hospital.
  • Michelle percy


    Here are some steps you can follow: First, never rub the eye. When small foreign objects get into your eyes, you may feel painful in eye with tears. At this time, you should not rub the eye. Because this action of your rubbing eye may hurts the cornea, which may aggravate its damnification and affect your vision to decrease. And it also may lead to sore eyes with bacteria on your unclean hands. Second, you can close your eyes for a moment or pull up the eyelid lightly. Often, the small foreign objects can be eliminated out with the tears. If not, you can use the wet Q-tips or clean handkerchief to wipe your eye. Or you wash your eye with clean water. Third, if all of these you have finished and can't help, you are suggested not touch your eyes any more and go to hospital directly for having a detailed check. The eye doctor will help take out of the foreign objects for you in specific ways. Last, you can put some antibiotics in your eyes so as to your eye recover as soon as possible.
  • Ethan


    Hello, if your eyes have small foreign objects and you feel painful and it could not come out, it may cause serious problems. Suggestion: No matter what is the foreign body is, do not rub your eyes and use clean water to clean your eyes or go to the hospital for an eye check. Ophthalmologist doctors will help you wash your eyes with salt water to prevent form infection.