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Isabel cook


Can i wear contact lenses while cycling?

i am just wonder do you guys wear contact lenses while riding. I have myopia and need vision aids. I often wear contact while cycling, sometimes my eyes become dry, making me very uncomfortable. Should i continue to wear contact lenses or just wear glasses when i am cycling? Has anyone had the same problem? What do you suggest?
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  • walkyr


    If frequent long-distance riding bicycles or motorcycles, we should not wear contact lenses. Because the bike is in motion, the speed of the surrounding air convection significantly reduced to the acceleration drastically, so that the moisture contained in the contact lenses, lens gradually become dry and harden. After a long time, hardened glasses flakes may damage corneal epithelial tissue and cause eye pain, itching, redness or inflammation. At the same time, dust and other foreign matter will enter the eye easily, causing eye discomfort and even infections. So in my opinion, you'd better wear glasses when you are riding.


    I think you'd better wear prescription sports glasses instead of contact lenses. prescription cycling glasses not only make you see things clearly but also can protect your eyes from dust, debris, etc. they work better than contact lenses. Just like what you say, your eyes become dry when you are cycling. The fast speed and wind will make your eyes feel very dry. For good eye protection and eye comfort, prescription sports glasses are a better choice to go.
  • Haider


    Men should wear contact lens during riding cycle or motor's harmful to your eyes as one's is busy during focused on road and if distance is long then your eyes dry which becomes harmful for your lens and eyes

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