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what are signs of vision problems?

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  • Shelby


    If you, your child or anyone close to you displays any of the following signs it could be indicative of a vision problem:Rubs eyes frequently.Attempts to brush away blur (children).Has dizziness, headaches or nausea following close proximity work. Is inattentive during lessons done on chalkboard, wall chart or map (children). When looking at distant objects: Holds body tense. Contorts face in attempts to see distant things clearly. Thrusts head forward. Squints eyes excessively. When reading: Blinks excessively.Holds book too far from face. Holds book too close to face. Makes frequent changes in distance when book is held. Stops after brief period. Shuts or covers one eye.Tilts head to one side. Tends to reverse words or syllables. Tends to look cross-eyed. Tends to lose place on page. Confuses words or letters. Complains that eyes hurt or feel 'dusty' (children). Prefers to view distant objects rather than those close-by Frequent appearance of sties, a bloodshot condition, eye watering or redness of the tissues around the eye. Unusual tendency to hold or move a hand in front of the eyes. Abnormal sensitivity to light or unusual difficulty adapting to very low levels of light. When any of the above symptoms or indicators are noted, a professional eye care specialist should be consulted for a thorough eye examination and test.
  • NANA


    Unusual trouble adjusting to dark rooms;Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects;Squinting or blinking due to unusual sensitivity to light or glare;Change in color of iris;Red-rimmed, encrusted or swollen lids;Recurrent pain in or around eyes;Double vision;Dark spot at the center of viewing;Lines and edges appear distorted or wavy;Excess tearing or "watery eyes";Dry eyes with itching or burning. Sudden loss of vision in one eye;Sudden hazy or blurred vision;Flashes of light or black spots;Halos or rainbows around light;Curtain-like blotting out of vision; and Loss of peripheral (side) vision.