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What are cautions or advices on first-time contacts users?

Ok I'm sort of an contact lenses challenged person who's planning to wear them for the first time... so any cautions or advices would be helpful...and I've heard that 2-4 weeks lenses are better and more comfortable than yearly ones. Is that true? And do they cost as much as the annual lenses?
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  • walkendeath


    Here are some tips I found ,hope there can help you. Wash hands with a powerful disinfectant before touching the lens To wear on the right eye, place the lens in your pointing finger of your left hand Always keep your finger moist when handling the lens, but not really wet Add saline solution on the lens Lift upper lid of the right eye with the right pointing finger, while lowering the lower eyelid by looking with the right thumb Now slowly place the lens anywhere in the center of the eyeball When the lens is placed don't look at the mirror but look at the lens as you take off your fingers Your lens is all fixed and your comfortable after a few blinks . source :
  • crush_star


    If you have never wear contact lenses, you need some time to adapt it. The first time, you shall not wear contact lenses for than 2 hours. And the second time, you can try to wear it last for 4 hours. And the the third time, you can try to wear it last for 6 hours, and the fourth time, you can wear them for 8 hours... To keep your eye healthy, you shall not wear contact lenses over 12 hours a day.