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Melissa duncan


where can I find places offering eye exam in Chicago?

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  • fergus


    With my personal experience, you can find Eye Candy Optics where the eye exam will cost you $75 and the eye exam for contacts will cost you $125. Moreover, another places named Chicago Vision Club where the cost for the eye exam for the contacts is lower than that of Eye Candy Optics, it will cost you $89. However, the eye exam for glasses will cost you$59. Hope this helpful.
  • ANNA


    I'm not from Chicago but I know around here there are vision centers in Walmart that offer eye exam, and as if they should be able to let you provide your own frame.
  • Kenney


    I recommend Chicago vision club,they are a full service eye care center providing standard vision care services such as annual eye exams,contact lenses, I have a great experience here. The eye doctor was very pleasant. In addition. They total cost of the exam is also very reasonable.