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Luis williams


Can I buy glasses in another store with the doctor's prescription?

I had a full eye exam at my doctor and he was about to give me glasses.But I found the frames there are so expensive.Could I ask for a copy of my prescription and get the glasses from another store such as Lenscrafters without exam again?
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  • evelyn


    yes, the eye doctor is required to give you the prescription script after s/he takes the eye exam for you. So just ask the staff in the store to process your glasses according to the prescription you got from your doctor.
  • Cassidy bell


    After you have got a complete eye exam and paid for your eye exam, you can ask your doctor to write the prescription to you if you don't want to get glasses in his store. He won't refuse to give you the prescription. Then you can take your prescription to any other store to get the glasses which you like best.
  • Gillian


    Of course you can.That's what I usually do to save money.

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