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Kevin percy


What is the maximum power to wear contacts?

My friend has -5.25 in both eyes and he told me he couldn't get contacts because his prescription was too strong to wear contacts.Is that true?What is the maximum power to wear contacts?
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  • Edward White


    The maximum power for disposable contact lenses are usually manufactured up to -12.00. Some standard contact lenses can go up to 14.oo. However, different brands may have different prescription strengths for contact lenses.
  • Luke


    It is not possible that -5.25 couldn't get contacts unless he has other eye problems such as eye infection.I have a friend with -15.00 but still wear contacts.
  • sky


    mines 5 and wear contacts. usually - vision goes even further with contacts and they can even wear colored ones when vision its very rare to find anything but plan ones
  • b3autyqu33n22


    The custom RGP contact lenses can be made for degree as high as -20.00,but they are more thicker and expensive.
  • eeelisa814


    According to the American Optometric Association, most contact lens wearers are nearsighted. Stock brands average from 8 diopters (written as +8.00 for farsighted prescriptions) to 12 diopters (written as -12.00 for nearsighted prescriptions). Different contact lens companies make lenses in various strengths. Your doctor can determine which lens is best for your eyes and whether custom lenses can be prescribed in a higher strength. Source:

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