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Michelle percy


What is the eye prescription if I have good vision?

I don't wear glasses but I want to get some circle lenses.When I was ordering them,I don't know how to write the prescription.
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  • hands4god


    If you have perfect vision that is means you need non-prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses, and the prescription on them should be 0.00. That is to say, when you filling your prescription you just need to enter 0.00 at the prescription part.
  • Catherine lewis


    Everything about the prescription should be 0.00 i think.
  • comingourloud


    If you have good vision, then your prescription should be 0.00. That is to say, you need plano glasses. When you order your glasses online, you just enter your prescription chart with 0.00.
  • catgay2005


    I don't know what the circle lenses mean,but I think the prescription for you should be 0.00.
  • Vivian


    I think you need the non prescription lenses.You can ask the service staff to help you.

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