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What is the best contact lenses for dry eyes?

I want to use contact lense but i have dry eyes and astigmatism 4 years ago the doctor told me I not a candidate for contact lenses but I know things have change now.
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  • walgreens_1


    Contact lenses work well for others will not surely work for you .I think there is no best brand ,also there is no specified contacts brand working well for all people . Different persons feel comfortable in different brands . As you have dry eyes , it is better for you to have an eye exam and decide whether you are the right candidate for contacts .
  • gary


    From you what you description, you'd better get an eye check again. If the doctor still suggest not wear contact lenses, you'd better quit it for the sake of your eye health. If you are allowed to wear contact lenses, you can try Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses. I heard that Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses is good choices for people with dry eyes. The lenses made with high oxygen permeability. Besides, compared common soft contact lenses, Silicone hydrogels are lower in water content that make it work good for people with dry eyes. So, you can have a try.