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Are prescription sports glasses really helpful?

I find many people wear prescription sports glasses. Do they really help? Where to get them?
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  • Trinity rose


    Absolutely, sports goggles can be very helpful. Think about it, when you are playing basketball, the ball fly to you by an accident, and you are not ready to catch it. What will happen? It may not a big problem if it hits your body, but how about it happen to your eyes with normal glasses? Your eyes will be hurt or even in worse situation. So if you wear a pair of goggles, they can help you from the ball. Besides, your eyes may also been hurt by other player' elbows and flies. So, it is necessary to wear a pair of sports glasses if you do extreme sports often.
  • eddy


    Of course they help. The sports glasses are made of special material which provides the protection for your eyes. When you are playing sports, the sports glasses will help you avoid eye injury. Most of sports glasses have great durability which can help get rid of attack. Besides, when you play outdoor games, your eyes are greatly threatened by harmful sun light and in some case player will get blind. With a pair of sports glasses, the misfortune will never happen. sports glasses have another benefit that they can help player perform much better in the sports. For instance, you suffer myopia, prescription sports glasses are of much help in making you see clearly and protecting your eyes.


    Prescription sports glasses are really helpful for us in our daily life, especially in the process of a game. First of all, prescription sports glasses can offer us better vision and block shiny sunlights, especially when we are doing outdoor sports. Then, prescription sports glasses can help to protect our eyes from harm and injury caused by sport games. Thus, we can perform better in the sports. I think you can go to some sport stores to buy them.
  • elpropio


    Yes, it could be helpful. Prescription sports glasses are made of a frame and two lenses, like other glasses. The frame of the sports glasses is made of flexible, durable, and impact-resistant material, and the lens is nearly unbreakable. When you are doing sports, the sports glasses can help you prevent harmful lights, including UV lights.
  • Kimberly quick


    Personally, I think it is very effective and necessary. I have myopia and really love sports. But wearing ordinary glasses is very uncomfortable when I do intense campaign, and the ordinary glasses fall to the ground easily after sweating. Bad luck, your lonely glasses can be stepped on broken by somebody else. And there are more dangerous situations. Once I played basketball wearing regular glasses, the result is that somebody broke it on my face, and the broken glasses stabbed on my eyelid, fortunately not my eyeballs. Then I began to wear prescription sports glasses. It is very comfortable to wear prescription sports glasses. Compared with the ordinary glasses, its durability is much better, and it can reduce the damage that strong light gives when you do sports outdoor. Prescription sports glasses can be bought in a lot of places. For example, I have bought my prescription sports glasses at, and the price is not expensive.

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