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Where to get extra big wide glasses, online or offline eyeglasses store?

I have a big face and want to get extra wide glasses. Where should i go for them? Online eyeglass store or offline? Which one is better and why?
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  • Noah rupert


    Considering your problem, I prefer to recommend you to go to the offline stores to try on the glasses and go back to online store to buy it. In the offline store, you can choose the style of frame, the color and even do an optometry. When you finally find your favorite glasses, you can remember the brand and the item number of the glasses. Then you go back online store to find the same glasses. You will be very satisfactory because you save a lot of money to buy a pair of really good glasses.
  • Melanie


    Undoubtedly, you have made a good decision. Just like what you say, i have a big face and want to get extra wide glasses. wide glasses can make you look more beautiful. Typically, there are two ways to buy glasses. First of all, you can go to the glasses stores. You can consult the technical staff directly. Secondly, you can buy the glasses online. There are many types of glasses online and the price is relatively cheaper. Perhaps you can try, just like Zennical,Firmooand eyebuydirect. By comparison, you can find the right glasses for yourself.