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How do you think of round eyeglasses?

Vintage style is popular this season and many people wear round eyeglasses. What do think of round glasses? Are they in style or ugly?
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  • emptypayphone


    Whether round glasses are style or ugly depends on the face shape of the people who wear them. If he (or she) has a square face, they will suitable for him (her) absolutely. If he (she) has a round face, they may make him (her) rounder and fatter. Personally, I do not like round framed glasses as I have a round face. If you want to fill yourself a pair of glasses, you can ask your friends or the shop assistant for help.
  • Anthony cecil


    Round glasses are very fashionable style and many famous people wear them like Johnny Depp. Round glasses have power of bring others' eyes on you. If you like purchasing fashionable trend, this kind of glasses will be a good choice. If you want to save money, you can try to buy them in the online store. If you want for good service, you can try to buy them in the offline store. No matter where you get your glasses, I advise you to pay some attention to the lenses. After all, the glasses are medical device not just accessories.
  • Faith cook


    Generally speaking, wearing round glasses can leave the simple, smart and honest impression on people. You can find that a lot of movie stars, athletes, writers and celebrities like to wear round glasses. However, not everyone is suited to wear the round glasses. For example, if you are a round face, then you are not suitable for wearing round glasses because it would make your face much rounder, fatter and bigger than usual. However, if you have an oval face, round glasses will make you look very good. In short, different styles are suit for different glasses.
  • elmo01


    It's a pair of historical glasses that is loved by the popular people. Now it becomes the most fashionable thing. But don't buy a pair of round glasses blindly and wear it on any occasion, and ignore how you dress up. Round glasses are much more suitable for people who have a long face because itself circular design. If you have a round face, do not wear round glasses because that will be weird.

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