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Matthew baker


Will horn rimmed glasses look good on women?

I love Johny Depp, he is hot. I love his horn rimmed glasses and he does look amazing. So i want to wear horn rimmed glasses, they are vintage. I also love vintage stuff. Just wondering will they look good on women. Where can i get them?
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  • Nathan harris


    Nowadays, horn rimmed glasses are very popular. It is made of horn or tortoise shell, which the name horn-rimmed glass came from, or plastic that simulated the look of either material. As you say, you love Johnny Depp, he is hot and love his horn rimmed glasses because he looks amazing. Everywhere, we can see in American TV series ''Heroes'', the guy with a pair of horn rimmed glasses. Anyway, horn rimmed glasses will be popular for a time. I believe that if you wear this kind of glasses will leave a deep impression among audiences. As for glasses, if you want to buy this kind of glasses, you can take a look at online glasses store. Then you can either see a wide range of glasses or get professional advice.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Horn rimmed glasses are a very old type of eyeglasses. They are often made of horn or sometimes tortoise shell which the latter one is always called tortoise shell. This kind of glasses have high price comparably because of their material. Horn rimmed glasses are very popular in recent years as well as the black nerd glasses. Many men choose the horn rimmed glasses to make them look bold. However, there are still many women have strong favor of horn rimmed glasses such as Kaley Cuoco. It is very cool to wear such glasses and it will make you look smart. So it is also a good choice for women.