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Austin gerard


Is it Ok to have blurry vision while wearing my new contact lenses?

I bought my new contacts and my vision gets blurry when I am wearing the contacts. Is it normal? Do most contact lens wearers experience blurry vision sometimes?
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  • cun_yin


    There are several reasons that can cause blurry eyes while wearing new contact lenses. In details, dry eyes, scratched contact lens, wrong prescription contact lenses and dirty eyes will cause burning eyes. So, you'd better check out what cause your blurry eyes and make the right treatments for his blurry vision.
  • etje


    No, I still remember that the first time i wearing my new contact lenses is very clear and comfortable. If you feel vision blurry, perhaps, you wearing the contact lenses with wrong prescription. You shall check it and buy another proper contact lenses for the sake of your eyes. Besides, you must clean your contact lenses every day to avoid get eye infections by wearing contacts.

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