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Anyone has experience on sore and watery eyes problem?

lately i encounter eye problems.i used to stare at my computer at all times when i am at work as it requires my job.I noticed that the longer I stayed at the computer, my eyes are getting sore and watery.i was wondering if someone here also experience this kind of stuff?
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  • Joan


    If computer screen are proving a pain in your eyes, here are some Guidelines to help you. Have your eyes checked regulary.if you need a new or changed prescription but don’t have it, using a computer will be difficult, period. Reposition the computer. The screen should be about an arm’s length away and positioned directly in front of your face, not off to the side. Position the monitor so its center is 4 to 8 in. below your eyes, which allows the neck to relax while you read and type. Reduce glare. Installing anti-glare filters on the monitor, adjusting window shades and changing the screen’s contrast and brightness can help reduce glare and reflections. Take regular work breaks. Stand, stretch or just look off into the distance, away from the computer, every 15 minutes or so to give the eyes a break.
  • Susan


    In my opinion,you should take some break like every 30 miniutes to look away out of your computer.if this is doesn’t work,you should really go and visit some eye doctor to prevent from having eye problems in the future and get some advice from them.