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Can i get frameless glasses at Walmart?

Is there anyone who has bought eyeglasses from Walmart? Do they provide frameless glasses? Are they good? Any suggestions?
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  • Ali


    Yes, walmart can provide frameless glasses, the quality of which is good. Compared with other brand of glasses, the price of walmart and after-sale service are suitable and good. If you decide to buy it, I recommand you to buy it from its online shops, because you can enjoy a cheaper price and more convenience.
  • catherinecraven


    Yes, you could get the eyeglasses with no frame from the walmart. They are good at the quality and the design. What's more, the price there is so suitable which attract a lot of customers. If you want to buy such kind, you could just go to the walmart to have a look.
  • Tyler george


    Well, as a matter of fact, a lot of people around me have such experience. All of them find Walmart a good place to buy spectacles, since their prices are reasonable and the service is good. Of course,they have got a wide range of glasses of various types, including frameless glasses. Of course you can rely on their quality, it is at least the largest retailer in the world with years of experience in selling glasses.

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