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Have you experienced in getting a glasses that you've been waiting for so long to arrive and that you cannot see through the lenses?

I paid for my new rimless glasses,and I have been waiting for so long to arrive and I can not see through the lenses , I was really sad because it useless anyway.
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  • Noah james


    I sympathize with you; I have had a similar experience myself. It was so disappointing on my part. And, as a customer? I am not really happy and satisfied. I never try to order again from them and also did not recommend to any friends.
  • Chelsey


    I experienced the same problem with you. I got annoyed with the fact that I was waiting for it to arrived for almost two months and it ended up useless!!! I paid the glasses that I can't even use and they have my money already. I demanded for a full refund. It made me so much pissed off because I need to wait another week or two to get my refund.
  • Cameron giles


    Firstly, I feel so sorry to hear that. I am wondering whether the problem is that your eyewear was processed with wrong prescription. In that way, I kindly suggest you you take your eyeglasses to your eye doctor to recheck whether your eyewear was incorrectly processed. Then you can contact the customer service of the store where you bought the eyewear to consult how to deal with this kind of problem. In most cases, if your eyewear was incorrectly processed, you will be get another same pair with the right prescription for free. Hope this helpful.