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How to store GP permeable contact lenses, dry storage or keeping them in solution?

If dry storage, how often do I need to look at them, or maybe soak them occasionally? How long should they last?
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    Lens care systems for GP lenses are similar to those for soft lenses, and usually consist of either: The combined use of separate cleaning and disinfecting/storage solutions; or A single multi-purpose solution for cleaning, disinfecting and storage. In the past, GP lenses often were rinsed with tap water after cleaning. Optometrists and ophthalmologists now recommend against this practice, because microorganisms in tap water can cause eye infections, including Acanthamoeba keratitis.
  • Trinity


    You should clean and sterilise your case, clean your lenses, rinse them well and store them in fresh soaking solution with the lids on tight. Every week or two, if you remember change the solution. If and when you need to wear them, clean them again and soak them overnight or for a few hours in fresh solution. They should not deteriorate under these conditions.
  • luis


    Gas permeable diagnostic contact lens sets will last for years if you care for and store them properly.Store GP diagnostic lenses wet, in conditioning/storage solution or dry. Each method offers potential advantages. Lenses stored wet are theoretically better conditioned for immediate use, whereas lenses stored dry require less maintenance.Other considerations exist as well. No contact lens disinfecting solution is approved for lens storage for greater than 30 days. You must redisinfect lenses that you store wet in chemical storage/disinfecting/conditioning solutions at least every 30 days. If you don't regularly maintain wet-stored GP lenses, evaporation and aging may alter the chemical composition of the storage solution, which may compromise its antimicrobial efficacy.You must clean and disinfect all diagnostic contact lenses prior to their reuse.Contact lenses used in trial fittings should be disinfected after each fitting by using a hydrogen peroxide contact lens disinfecting system for 10 minutes.
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