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Prism prescribed to help with double vision

I have double vision, and have ordered prism glasses, with the hope that it will clear up my problem. My optometrist tells me I am at 3. These glasses are expensive, so I am having prism inserted in my pair of everyday use. Will the changeover affect my sight, increase the weakness in eye muscle? Also I have to close my right eye to watch TV. Does that mean one eye muscle is weaker then the other?Also I wear glasses both for near and far and have glaucoma.
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  • Caitlin lee


    Hopefully the prism will correct the double vision and stop you having to close one eye to watch television. Prism is prescribed to correct a muscle imbalance between the two eyes but will not make the muscles weaker. There are six external muscles that control each eye, and one group of muscles may be stronger then the other.